I offer a range of delightful, magical puppet shows suitable for children aged two to eight years. The shows have original story lines, ranging from simple tales for the youngest children to exciting three or four scene plays for the oldest age groups. There are, actually, five age categories of my shows because I strongly believe that it is important, as far as is possible, for children to see shows that are age appropriate.

There are about eight puppets in each show. The puppets are mainly animals but there is a good sprinkling of people and fairy folk. The main character is a young hedgehog, called Henry. Many of the puppets I have made myself and I have painted all the backdrops.

My puppet theatre is 1 metre square and 1.67 metres high ( see photo ).

A good puppet show is a joyful and exciting experience for children. It is a visit to the land of make believe and, unlike television, the puppets hear and respond to what the children say, sing with them, ask for their suggestions and opinions, sometimes joke with them, etc. Adults enjoy watching the shows too, but they particularly enjoy seeing the children’s pleasure, their involvement with the show and interaction with the puppets.

I also offer a variety of fun games( original and modified traditional), puppet games, parachute games and magic tricks. For the 2-4 year olds I do little funny acts with my big animal puppets (See photo). Most children love getting close to them.

I have over twenty years experience performing shows and entertaining children.

My performances are suitable for birthday parties and other special celebrations, playgroups, nurseries, schools, Children’s Centres, libraries and play schemes. Prices range from £75 to £175 depending on length of entertainment and distance travelled.

I am flexible with my bookings and can do just a show, an hour,a split hour or a two hour party.

I am C.R.B. checked and insured.